Some words from the Artist

This art project whose construction took great care,
has reached the time in its journey to open up and share.
The chosen works and artists were all selected by me,
for they sought or arrived at visions of simplicity.
Although many paths get explored, complexities tried,
eventually, we see where the simply beauty resides.
Simplicity appeals to many, yet it is hard to do,
it becomes a life goal and a very worthy pursuit.
Fine art, can be taken quite seriously, and yet,
it can be joyous and playful, let’s not forget.
To play with colour, shapes and form meaning,
is a great way to capture what we are feeling.
Art lives on, beyond the piece and even time,
to symbolise greater meaning in our mind.
My wish is to evoke in you, a playful joy.
In these pieces, see the art, not just a toy.
Get re-inspired to explore the wonders of art.
Make, paint, create and speak from the heart.

– Cephas E. Howard.